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Back from Rome

Back from Rome:

I am back from my Roman Holiday!

It’s wonderful to be back. The thing about travel is that you’re reminded about how big the world is. What you like about traveling and what you like about being home.


The Pantheon

I love to see new places, to eat new food and to get a little lost. I like exploring, wandering and walking around. I did plenty of this over the last few days. Rome is a great place for such things and as such, I felt like I had to go back. 

Yep, if you’re a loyal reader or my MoM you may remember that I went to Rome two years ago. I wrote about Roaming in Rome (I was apparently too busy to post any pictures to that post) and my love of wine and pannini but apparently I couldn’t be bothered to actually write about what I actually did in Rome.


The Pantheon from the front

Don’t worry this time it’ll be different only I’ll have to spread it out over a few posts because well, I’ve got to go to go to school tomorrow. Funny how that works. Work. Holiday. Work.

So back to Rome. The weather was unreal. It was sunny and in the 70s most days. This is fall at it’s best. Cool in the mornings, long afternoons and nice enough to eat dinner outside near a heat lamp.


The Pantheon and People

My friend and colleague A. went to Rome with me. We had a grand time. Basically our schedule was this: wake up, get ready, go walking/exploring/shopping, make time for sight seeing, scrounge up some lunch/ a snack/ a gelato, later sneak in a nap and then find dinner.

Here are a few photos of the Pantheon until I have time to post more tomorrow!!

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